Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thrifty Thursday 11/10

We didn't need much this week thanks to a few recent "stock-up" trips, so I went to a some stores that I don't always have time to go to...including the Goodwill store and Ollie's Bargain Outlet.  I know it's not grocery related, but I LOVE to go to the Goodwill to look for books for my kids.  At $0.35 a piece, it's an inexpensive way to treat them!  I found some bargains today...including books by Tommie de Paola and Eric Carle, plus a hardcover Fancy Nancy book!  Ollie's didn't have much except for Betty Crocker fruit snacks for $0.99 a box.  We were out and my husband LOVES fruit snacks, so I bought a few boxes.    

My best deal of the day was at Walgreens where I got 2 cans of Clabber Girl baking powder for FREE after coupons!  (Well, I paid $0.03 for tax, but that's about as close to free as you'll get!)  :)

I also went to Kroger for one set of Mega Sale items (Kleenex, Nestle water bottles, Doritos -a sick present for my hubby-, and a carton of half & half) and some veggies, milk and eggs.  

And, unfortunately, I was FORCED to go to Walmart for a few non-grocery related items, so while I was there, I picked up a bottle of honey.  :) 

Here are my totals for the day...

Total value of all purchases (22 items from 4 stores - not including Goodwill) : $56.53
Total amount spent oop after sales and coupons :  $34.63
Total amount saved : $21.90 or 39%

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