Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Impromptu Shopping Trip = HUGE Savings and LOTS of Free Items!

Yesterday, my mom and I decided to take the girls and go out to a few stores and see what kind of deals we could get.  We knew there were coupons in this past weekend's paper that would make for free items at some stores, so we decided to try our luck!  I was surprised at how much we were actually able to get!!!  I had gotten extra papers this week since I knew the coupons were going to be good, so I was able to stock up on several things that we use on a regular basis for FREE!!!  Here's a picture of everything I got:

We decided to go to a new Family Dollar - well, not a new store, but new to us!  I found the L.A. Looks hair gel for $1.75 and had $1 coupons (from this past weekend's paper).  My husband uses this stuff every day.  And they also had 5 ct. packs of Zyrtec on sale for $4.50 with a $1 in-store coupon and I had $2 manufacturer coupons (printed online weeks ago), making them only $1.50 each!

Dollar General had a great deal on the Air Wick Freshmatic air freshners - on sale for $4 and I had $4 coupons, making them FREE!  These will be on sale all week if you can find time to swing by there!

We also made a trip in to Food Lion to get FREE Marcal paper towels (with $1 coupons from this past weekend's paper) and FREE Splenda Essentials (with $3 coupons from this past weekend's paper).  (This sale is now over.)

Kroger has Ivory body wash and Crest toothpaste free this week after coupons from this past weekend's P&G insert.

I also went into Walmart where they have 3-packs of Cascade action packs on sale for $.97 - $1 coupons from this past weekend's P&G insert made them FREE!  Plus, I found Gillette Fusion Proglide packs (with one razor, small body wash, and two other trial sized products) for $4.97.  After the $4 coupon from this weekend's P&G, I got them for $.97 each!

The box of Cherrios and can of Ocean Spray juice were mailbox freebies that I decided to throw in the picture!  :)

All in all, I ended up with 45 items totalling $95.40 in value for only $9.49!  Not bad for a quick morning of shopping!!! :)

Have you all picked up any good freebies this week?  I'd love to hear!

Weekly Menu 8/4 - 10

Well, you may have noticed that I never posted my menu last week.  One reason is, my computer was in the shop!  :(  The other was, our schedule has been super hectic the last few weeks with my husbands new job, so I knew I probably wouldn't be sticking to the menu I made, and I was right!

But, I'm back on track this week and have a full menu planned for the coming week.  The hubby is going to be doing lots of traveling this month, so I won't have many family meals planned after this coming week, BUT, because he's going to be gone, I'm hoping to get some freezer cooking done!

Okay, here's what we'll be eating starting 8/4:

(breakfast at Grandma's house)
yogurt / toast
muffins (x2)
poptart or cereal bars
scrambled eggs / bacon
pancakes (from the freezer)

(lunch at Grandma's house)
lunchmeat / cheese / fruit (x2)
pb&j sandwiches / pretzels / fruit
(lunch out)
spaghettios / fruit
grilled cheese / soup

Parmesean Tilapia / rice / baked potatoes
Breakfast for Dinner: biscuits, waffles, eggs, gravy, etc.
(dinner out)
Meat balls (from freezer) w/ gravy over egg noodles / rolls / frozen veggies
Herbed Pork Chops / rice / green beans
frozen pizza / salad
(dinner at Grandma's house)
(dinner at Grandma's house)

Freezer Cooking Plans

Next week, I plan on making a few dinners that I can use this month on nights when the hubby actually WILL be home so we can have some family time and I will not have to spend all night in the kitchen!  Here is what I'm planning on making:

Lasagne Casserole (x2)
Southwest Roll-Ups
Barbecue Meatloaf
Low-Fat Whole Grain Waffles

If any of these turn out to be good, I will share the recipes with you!