Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thrifty Thursdays - Mega Sale Edition!

I only made it to Kroger today.  (Hopefully I'll get to CVS and Walgreens tomorrow.)  They FINALLY had a good sale going!!  This was a stock-up trip for me as I spent more than I normally would.  But, they just had too many great deals to pass up!!!

One good coupon match-up I wanted to mention that was not listed on on any of the couponing sites I follow that you might want to pick up was the Rotel Diced Tomatoes.  They are priced at $0.39 after the mega sale and there is a $0.30/1 coupon in the 1/23 SS that makes them free + a money maker!!!  (Of course, I did not find this coupon until AFTER I got home from the store!  Ugh!) totals....

Total Value of 120 items = $294.51
Total Spent (after sales & coupons) = $89.91
Total Savings = $205.32 (or 70%!)

In case you were wondering, I bought 90 items from the mega sale.  One of my favorite deals was cases of Deer Park bottled water for 0.75 each after the mega sale price, facebook printable coupons, and a catalina!!!

How did you fare at Kroger this week?!  Let me know!

And, be on the lookout tomorrow for some recipes that match up with this week and next week's sale items!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Olive Garden Sweepstakes!

To celebrate reaching 1,000,000 Facebook fans, Olive Garden has come up with a new sweepstakes you can enter!  Just go to the Olive Garden Facebook page here and "like" them.  Then, click on the "1,000,000 Fans" tab to enter the sweepstakes!  You can enter once a day through February 3 to enter one of 2,500 $10 gift cards and a voucher for FREE Olive Garden salad dressing!  (There will be 250 winners per day.)

Good luck!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Earn a FREE Amazon Gift Card!

Right now, is offering up a great way to earn a little free money on!

If you've never heard of, it's a website that posts consumer reviews and ratings on all kinds of products.  Right now, if you write 11 qualifying product reviews (900 words or more) by January 31 on items from the following categories: Home & Garden, Family & Pets, Health & Beauty, Kitchen (excluding food & beverage items), and Computers and Electronics, Viewpoints will email you an $11 gift card!  If you wrote one review a day for the rest of January, you would qualify!

Just head on over here and login or create a new account at  Then, go here to submit a review!

I am especially looking forward to getting a great deal on diapers with this gift card!!!

Thrifty Thursdays!

Well, my Thursday was not as thrifty as usual this week!  I didn't have a lot of shopping time today, so I just went to Kroger.  I think I only used 4 coupons for the whole purchase!  My list pretty much consisted of things we were out of, but I did get several of the Nabisco Snak Sacs on sale for $1 and canned biscuits for $.50.  Plus, I splurged on a few non-sale things this week.  (The nice thing about couponing is, if you stick strictly to your list when you first start out, as your stockpile grows, you can then become a little more lax and splurge on some things here and there while staying within your budget!!)

Also - I noticed that there was still some clearance in the beauty aisle.  Things to note were Revlon and Covergirl nail polish.  Clearanced ones will be less than $.75 a piece after coupons!

Total value of 36 items: $75.59
Total spent out of pocket: $48.63
Total saved: $26.96 (36%)

I'm hoping for some more exciting sales at Kroger next week!  It's been a little blah around there lately!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Emergency Trip to Walgreens!

Yesterday, I had the realization that we only had a total of 4 diapers in the whole house!  I don't know about you, but for us, this constitutes an emergency!!!  The best deal I could find on diapers was at Walgreens, so I loaded up the kids and headed out!

Here's what I got...

Total Value = $76.87
Total Spent Out of Pocket = $12.42
Total Saved = $64.45
Total Register Rewards Remaining = $3

I lucked out finding the V05 on clearance for $0.19 and the nail file on clearance for $0.25!  They ended up being great filler items.  I may have been able to get all of this for a little less out of pocket, but since the girls were with me (and NOT behaving themselves at the register!), I decided to do it all in 2 transactions.

I'm hoping for some good diaper deals soon so I can stock up - obviously there have not been many lately!  I HATE not having a pack in the closet!!!  So...if you run across any great diaper deals, please let me know! :)

I was a winner!

I got a little surprise in the mail today!

I'm not 100% sure, but I THINK this came from playing the Dollar General instant win game that they recently had on their website.  Here was my prize...

Now, while this was not the most exciting prize ever, it was nice to get a little something unexpected in the mail.  (It was better than a bill!)  And, it just goes to show you that if you play instant win games online enough times, you will eventually win SOMETHING!  :)  I will be adding this bag to my ever expanding collection of reusable shopping bags and will eagerly await a deal on Gatorade that I can use the coupon on! 

If you want to try your luck at some online instant win games and sweepstakes, check out the "Contests" page at the top of the screen!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Retail Coupons Added!

I have added several new retail coupons to my "Retail" page!  If you're headed out to the mall any time soon, you may want to check them out!

If you have small kids - you may really be interested in the Toys R Us coupon good for 40% off any clearance priced clothing and shoes you can fit into a FREE reusable tote!

Monday, January 10, 2011

CVS Trip!

Well, I know it's not Thursday, but I did make a trip to CVS today hoping to get in on all the great deals there this week before they sold out.  But, apparently 10:30 on Monday morning is not early enough since most everything I wanted was already out of stock!  I was able to get the Finish / Lysol / Air Wick deal, but I'm hoping to go back later in the week and get the Pepsi 12-packs and Scott toilet paper and paper towels!

Here's what I got today.....

(With special thanks to my youngest kiddo for stacking up my items for me.  She loves to take all of my "deals" out of the bag!)  :)

Total value:  $56.62
Total spent after sales, coupons, and $7.99 ECB:  $1.41 (still using up my gift card that I got for my birthday, so it was actually FREE for me!)
Total amount saved:  $55.21 or 98%!

On a side note, they had all of their Christmas clearance marked at 75% off!  I got wrapping paper for $.75 a roll and a couple of stocking stuffers to save for next year!  You may want to check it out if you go there this week.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Target Toy Clearance?!

Keep your eyes peeled the next time you're in Target for toy clearance!  It's being reported that some Target stores are marking toys down up to 75% off!!  Let us know what you find!

After summer last year, I was able to get well over $200 worth of toys for around $75 during a similar clearance event.  It basically took care of my kids Christmas!  This would be a great time to get inexpensive birthday gifts for the year or even stock up for next December!

New Instant Win Games Posted!

Feeling lucky?!  Check out the Contests page above for LOTS of new instant win games and sweepstakes!  Come back and let us know if you win!

New Restaurant Coupons!

Check the Restaurant page above for new printable coupons good for TGI Friday's and Quiznos as well as information on how you can start earning fun freebies at Panera Bread!

FREE Samples!

Head over here to check out Kroger's online Sampling Center!  You can currently request FREE samples of 2 different John Freida products, Poise liners, Prilosec OTC, and even get a FREE 6 month subscription to American Baby magazine!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

P&G Everyday Solutions Freebies & Coupons

If you haven't done so already, you should think about signing up for P&G Brand Sampler which allows you to request free samples of and coupons for P&G products!

They currently have a few new offers head on over here to sign up!

New Bath & Body Works Coupon!

There is a new Bath & Body Works coupon available that I'm adding to the running list of retail coupons.

Simply go here to print a coupons good for a FREE Signature Collection travel size item with ANY purchase!  They often have small or travel-sized items around $1 or $2 if you don't want to spend much out of pocket!

Thrifty Thursdays!

Seems like forever since I've had a Thrifty Thursday's report!  I was glad to get back into my normal shopping routine today after all the chaos of the holidays!

I made two trips today - CVS and Kroger.

First, CVS!  I don't have a picture for you today, but here's what I bought:

(4) Reach Total Care toothbrushes
(1) Colgate Kids Toothbrush
(1) Revlon Nail Clippers
(1) Revlon Emmery Boards

Total Value: $31.74
Total Spent after sales and coupons: $0.91!
Total ECB's used: $7.98
Total ECB's received: $13

Now, on to Kroger!  This trip was MUCH less exciting than last week's!!  But, I did pick up some inexpensive deoderant and baby wipes that were part of the P&G mega sale.  Otherwise, it was just pretty much staple stuff for us and a few other random freebies.  (I did have to buy water pitcher filters which took my oop up some.)

Total value of 39 items: $116.41
Total spent after sales and coupons: $71.26 (39% savings)

I'm hoping next week's sale items give us a little more to be excited about at Kroger!

How did you do this week?  I'd love to hear about any deals you got...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

FREE Febreze Noticeables Scented Oil Warmer!

Check out this great new Febreze rebate!

Just purchase any new Febreze Noticeables Scented Oil Warmer (regular, 2-pack, or with decorative cover), fil out the rebate form here, and send it in along with your receipt and UPC from the package to get a $3.50 check!

This offer is valid from 1/1/11 through 6/30/12, so you'll have plenty of time to do it!

Plus, nowhere in the fine print does it say that you can't use a coupon to get your full refund!  :)

Kmart Christmas Clearance!

As I was shopping around town yesterday, trying to find some storage solutions for the explosion of new toys that is currently all over my family room floor, I noticed that Kmart had quite a bit of Christmas clearance left and most all of it was marked at 75% off!  I got a nice red tablecloth for around $3 and a package of 12 ornaments for $1.50.  They had tons of wrapping paper, ornaments, village accessories, tree skirts, boxed cards, and more!  They also had some food gift sets that were marked at 35% off.

Let us know if you find any great deals!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Staples Deals 1/2 - 1/8

Staples has some great deals worth checking out this week - especially if you are new to couponing and are looking to get yourself organized!

Here are just some of the deals:

-Get 100% back in Staples Rewards when you buy any Avery heavy-duty view binder
   (limit 4 per customer) -makes them FREE!

-Staples Hype grip highlighters, 6/pack  $1 (regularly $4.49)

-Bic Matic Grip mechanical pencils, 5/pack  $1 (regularly $3.99)

-Pentel R.S.V.P. ballpoint pens, black, 5/pack  $1 (regularly $3.79)

-Westcott Preferred 7" scissors  $1 (regularly $6.29)

-Scotch pop-up desk-grip tape dispenser  $1 (regularly $3.99)
    *There is also a $1/2 manu. coupon for this, but I am not sure which insert it came from...makes them $.50 each!

-Staples Stickies 3" x 3" notes, yellow, 12/pack  $2 (regularly $10.79)

-Sharpie retractable pens, assorted, 3/pack  $2 (regularly $9.99)

***You can check out the full Staples ad here.***